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You can find everything you need to know about international online contests at Worldwide Contests.

Carolina Fernandes is the author and publisher of Worldwide Contests, a website filled with contests and the internet.

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Credits for information and photos

The site researches and reviews contests and giveaways that are administered by third parties. By doing this, we both keep our visitors informed of contests while helping contest organizers reach a broader and more relevant audience.
We present information about specific contests/competitions based on our research directly with the organizer. We will also provide full transparency to our visitors by showing the terms and conditions the organizer applies in each giveaway, so they can make an informed decision before joining.
Images that represent the prize are shown in icon form to give readers a visual representation of the prize. The original image belongs to the contest organizer.
The following sources are also included as illustrations Make sure to check the Creative Commons Licence

Worldwide Contests rating system 5 star

Worldwide Contests screens and rates each competition individually. At our initial inspection of any competition, we immediately check whether the prize money will be given out as promised and if the competition will comply with all relevant rules and regulations. We also check if anyone can participate from around the world in the contest. Many giveaways are only open to entries from a certain country, so we need to filter those out for you! Competitions are listed on our site only after passing this first screening. Our rating of each competition appears on the websites of the particular competitions.
Our rating system uses a 5-star scale, where 5 stars is the maximum and 0 is the minimum. The average review on our site does not reflect any no-star ratings since we do not even bother listing those contests. Rating a competition involves looking at many aspects, including

  • Do we know the promoter personally or does the brand have a good reputation?
  • were previous competitions listed before, and were previous winners announced and prizes awarded in a timely manner?
  • what are the terms and conditions of the competition that are readily accessible?
  • what rules and regulations do they follow?
  • what is the total prize pool?
  • what is the number of winners? Which prizes are most valuable and most common?
  • how attractive and original is the prize?
  • are our members likely to win?
  • is it easy to enter? A competition that's hard to enter will get a lower rating, and a competition that's fun will gain a higher rating
  • how attractive is the competition page?
  • did we get positive feedback about the competiton? or even negative or complaints?
A single rating is assigned for each competition by combining the factors. We are happy to help brands with questions about our ratings. A major contribution to the rating is the feedback provided by our members. The brand size does not necessarily matter when it comes to ratings. Our international members can rate well even a blogger holding occasional competitions if they are genuine, creative, enjoyable, and worth entering.

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