Win a Copy of The Light of Eternal Spring

Calling all international bibliophiles! Attention literature lovers around the globe! To celebrate the captivating novel, The Light of Eternal Spring by Angel Di Zhang, the author and publisher Penguin Random House Canada are co-hosting an exciting giveaway extravaganza! This worldwide giveaway offers a chance to win one of 110 copies of the book, making it a truly international celebration of literature.
The grand prizes include 10 signed paperback editions, each one uniquely special as they'll be accompanied by a handwritten note from the author herself, Angel Di Zhang. For those who prefer a digital format, 100 digital copies are also up for grabs. The giveaway opens its doors on April 19th, 2024, and welcomes entries until May 18th, 2024, giving everyone ample time to participate. So, don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to win a piece of literary magic and delve into the world created by Angel Di Zhang. Mark your calendars, bookworms, and get ready to enter!
:    $500
No. of prizes
:    110
:    free
Contest type  
:    Register Contest  
:    Sweepstake  
:    2024-05-18


Win a Copy of The Light of Eternal Spring is a competition by thestorygraph and has a prize pool of $500 for 110 prizes. There is a relatively small prize pool. Participation is free, as expected. It's a free shot at a potentially great novel, "The Light of Eternal Spring," with a chance to win a signed edition from the author! It's also open worldwide and likely easy to enter. However, winning is a long shot, and you might not even like the book's genre. If you're curious about the book and don't mind a digital copy, it's worth a few minutes to enter!
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Check out the overview of contest types to learn more on how to enter and find similar contests. Lucky Draw or sweepstake is a type of Giveaway where the winners are selected randomly from a pool of entries. Usually, in Lucky Draw, participants are asked to finish some designated tasks such as filling up a form, reposting a Giveaway's post, tagging some friends, follow an account, leaving unique comments on the organizer's Instagram account, etc. Lucky Draw usually does not require a product purchase to enter the competition, which means most Lucky Draw competitions are free and really to participate in.

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Terms and conditions of the contest "Win a Copy of The Light of Eternal Spring"
according to the contests organizers. The author Angel Di Zhang and the publisher Penguin Random House Canada are pleased to offer 10 signed paperbacks of the acclaimed THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL SPRING. Giveaway open WORLDWIDE. Each book will be accompanied by a card or letter handwritten by the author.
19 Apr 2024 - 18 May 2024
Prizes: Print (10 copies), Digital (100 copies) — Available in 177 countries
© Copyright with thestorygraph