Win Patek + TRip to Miami

Hold up, because CRMJewelers is upping their game for round two! Picture this: a mind-blowing $100K+ white gold Patek Philippe watch and a free ride to Miami, flights and hotel covered, to kick it with the CRM Jewelers crew. And get this; tickets are just £2 a pop! Can't you make it to Miami if you win? No biggie, they'll slide you US$95,000 instead. They aim for 75,000 tickets sold, but even if they fall short, the winner still bags 50% of the ticket cash. Oh, and if you're up for the Miami adventure and being a star on camera, you're in for the whole deal. Someone's winning big – could be you with a ticket!
:    Holidays
:    $100.000
No. of prizes
:    1
:    $2
Contest type  
:    Sweepstake  
:    Writing Contest  
:    2023-09-25


Win Patek + TRip to Miami is a competition by CRM Jewelers and has a prize pool of $100.000 for 1 prize. With this competition, there is a significant potential prize pool. The competition is a bit complicated. You need to buy a ticket at $2 for the entry. They need 75000 tickets sold to give out the grand prize. If the target is reached earlier, then they will draw the winner at that time. But if until the deadline and the tickets are not sold, they will give out the prize but only 50% of it. If you are in to it, go buy the ticket now!
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Experience Miami's vibrant blend of sun, art, and culture. Your unforgettable adventure awaits.(Image courtesy of Unsplash)

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