Overview of contest types

There is surprisingly many different ways how contests are organized and what one has to do to enter and get a chance to win. Each different type requires you to take a specific action and getting that right is the first step to winning some giveaway. On this page you find an overview of all the common types of contest worldwide and some tips on how to enter and win. Click on the links if you want to see some contests open for entries right now for the particular type.

Contest via Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site with billions of monthly active users, with this huge number no wonder some organizers still considered Facebook as a relevant platform to run a Contest and Lucky Draw. But, in order to enter any Facebook competitions, participants must have a Facebook account so the organisers will be able to contact the contest entrants through the Facebook profile. Usually, competitions on Facebook include some designated tasks such as; give a like to specific organizer's post, follow a specific account, add a fun comment on their Facebook post, and other several ways depends on what the organizers require. Most importantly it usually won't take long to enter any Facebook competitions.

Contest via Pinterest

Instagram Competitions work in much the same way as Pinterest Competitions; only Pinterest is used instead of Instagram. You are usually asked to follow the organizer's Pinterest profile. It's also common to be asked to repin a particular post multiple times. In addition, you may need to put hashtags that the organizers set on the board about their products. We encourage you to pay attention to the Pinterest contest terms and conditions, such as who can participate, age restrictions, etc., so that you can choose competitions that suit your interests to increase your chances of winning.

Contest via Twitter

Many Twitter competitions are popping up, which some contestants do not like because they have to create a Twitter account and remember a new password, but it does create a buzz. Some brands enjoy Twitter competitions, though, because they make a strong impact. It might be shallow, but they believe that their marketing is strong because they are loud. This argument is debatable, but the fact remains that they have done many Twitter contests lately and that if you want to win, you should understand how they work. There are basically a few variants of them. Keeping up with a brand is the simplest form of participation. So, to be eligible for the prizes, you must remain a follower for the duration of the promotion. The next level would be retweeting anything you must do by a brand to share the information with your followers. It is also possible to tweet the hashtag mentioned in the rules. Adding a creative element to that hashtag might also be fitting since you usually have to post something original and funny with it. There may also be a quiz component to the competition, so you would have to answer some kinds of questions to succeed.

Creativity Contest

Creative Giveaway is a creative based competition where each participant is encouraged to be creative and fun to enter a prize draw. For instance, some organisers might ask you to post a silly and fun selfie with their product, submit a dancing video with certain moves, and other ways as purpose to bring a highlight on the organizer's product. Other than being creative, organizers usually ask participants to use some specific hashtag on their creative posts, that's because using a hashtag can be beneficial for both organizers and the participants. As we all know, hashtags on social media platforms are clickable and can improve your content's discoverability. So, don't forget to set your social media account on public to make your content searchable by the organizers.

Instagram Contest

Instagram competition is the most favorite competition amongst other types. Other than the most favourite, the Instagram competition also the easiest one to participate in. Some most popular methods of entry in the Instagram competition are; leave a like, tag some friends in the comment section, follow some specific accounts, post Instagram Stories, and other ways of entry. Although it's the most favourite and the easiest one to entry, it does not mean Instagram competition is the easiest one to win. Therefore, there are several things you need to follow to win and stand out from your competitors. Firstly, ensure your account is set to public, with this crucial step your actions can be seen publicly by the Giveaway's organisers. Secondly, follow and read all the briefs and requirements of each competition. Thirdly, if being a creative is necessary make sure your contents and comments are unique. May the prizes be yours TODAY!

Photo Competition

There are a lot of photo contests available today, and they seem relatively simple to enter. Enter a simple picture by taking a quick snap and uploading it. However, you need to invest some time to make a genuinely outstanding photo for the best chances of winning. Your entry might be wasted if you don't follow these tips. These contests are also among the most fun if you like taking pictures and expressing yourself creatively. It is essential to know what are the contest jury criteria before participating in a Photo Contest. Further, you need to know which types of images qualify for submission. There are typically guidelines at the last step of the contest: image sizes, file names, etc. If you follow this advice, you might have a good chance of winning.

Q&A Giveaway

Interactive Giveaway is a contest where participants have to answer a list of of questions in order to enter the competition. These questions can be in a form of single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, or in a form of poll depends on how the organisers run a contest. Usually, these series of questions can only be answered by paying attention to the organizer's competition post, IG Stories, Video, and sometimes these answers can be found through a simple search on Google. No matter how you you answer these questions, make sure to answer all questions correctly and precisely to have a bigger chance to win your Interactive Giveaways competition. Good Luck!

Register Contest

It's effortless to enter the Sign-Up competition. A single form with your contact information is all you need, and you're in the draw. In this case, it is crucial to ensure that the data is actually accurate. Please do not forget to include both your email address and a valid phone number so they can contact you if you are the winner. Also, your name must be spelled correctly, ideally matching your ID document. Finally, don't forget to include your date of birth (if they ask for it). Minimum age may be a requirement for specific programs, so you may not be eligible if you are too young.


Lucky Draw or sweepstake is a type of Giveaway where the winners are selected randomly from a pool of entries. Usually, in Lucky Draw, participants are asked to finish some designated tasks such as filling up a form, reposting a Giveaway's post, tagging some friends, follow an account, leaving unique comments on the organizer's Instagram account, etc. Lucky Draw usually does not require a product purchase to enter the competition, which means most Lucky Draw competitions are free and really to participate in.

Writing Contest

There are several types of writing competitions, all of which have the same goal: to write an interesting article. The writing competition usually has a minimum word limit set by the organizer. In most cases, the prize committee will explain what it is looking for in terms of the best or most creative answer. Please make sure you understand the criteria set by the organizer before writing your article. It would be best if you also tried to write an article that will be enjoyable to read. Otherwise, you may waste your time and energy writing an article that doesn't match the organizer's demands.
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