Win Cash in The London Magazine Poetry 2024 - Total Worth of $1000

The London Magazine, Britain's oldest literary publication, renowned for its illustrious history with poets like Mary Jean Chan and T. S. Eliot, proudly introduces the Poetry Prize 2024. Designed to foster emerging talents, the competition invites unpublished poems of 40 lines or less, with no restrictions on theme or style, emphasizing originality and diversity. International submissions are encouraged. Judged by Declan Ryan, Rachel Long, and Kathryn Bevis, winners will be featured in The London Magazine and celebrated at a prestigious event. With cash prizes totaling £1000, including £500 for the top entry, the contest offers opportunities for students and low-income writers. Submissions open December 19, 2023, with a deadline of March 31, 2024.
:    Money
:    $1000
No. of prizes
:    3
:    $5 - $10
Contest type  
:    Writing Contest  
:    Register Contest  
:    2024-03-31


Win Cash in The London Magazine Poetry 2024 - Total Worth of $1000 is a competition by The London Magazine and has a prize pool of $1000 for 3 prizes. Prizes given away have an average value. For poetry enthusiasts eager to showcase their talent, now is the perfect opportunity to seize the spotlight. With a registration fee that's remarkably affordable, joining the Poetry Prize 2024 is a worthwhile investment in your craft. Whether you're a seasoned poet or just starting out, don't miss your chance to participate. The rewards extend far beyond the modest entry fee, offering the chance to have your work recognized, published, and celebrated. Take the leap and submit your poems today, and let your words captivate audiences worldwide.
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Cash: the ultimate prize, offering flexibility and freedom. (Image courtesy of Unsplash)

Tips for joining a Writing Contest

Check out the overview of contest types to learn more on how to enter and find similar contests. There are several types of writing competitions, all of which have the same goal: to write an interesting article. The writing competition usually has a minimum word limit set by the organizer. In most cases, the prize committee will explain what it is looking for in terms of the best or most creative answer. Please make sure you understand the criteria set by the organizer before writing your article. It would be best if you also tried to write an article that will be enjoyable to read. Otherwise, you may waste your time and energy writing an article that doesn't match the organizer's demands.

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Terms and conditions of the contest "Win Cash in The London Magazine Poetry 2024 - Total Worth of $1000"
according to the contests organizers. Entry fee: £10 per poem Subsequent entries: £5 per poem Student entry: £5 per poem (There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. Students must use a university email address – or similar – to enter with student fee). Low income writer: £5 entry (Writers receiving benefits may send up to three poems in one document under this option, but to be eligible please also attach a document proving that you are in receipt of benefits). First Prize: £500 Second Prize: £300 Third Prize: £200 The winning poems will be published in future issues of The London Magazine and there will be an award ceremony held in London for the winners. Please enter your poems through the link here. Opening date: 19th December 2023 DEADLINE: 31st March 2024
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